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Greenwich Walking Tour


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It’s time for a Greenwich walk. And we would like to share a self-guided Greenwich walking tour with you. Greenwich is rich in maritime history and historic architecture, where east meets west and Old historical Royalty meets new modern art and innovation. Greenwich has been at the centre of the world for hundreds of years. 

There's more than one way to get to Greenwich, by boat from the city center, but can also be accessed by train or DLR.

It’s worth spending a whole day here, and there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and pubs to keep you energized as you walk around.

To start just click in the link below. Enjoy!

 Greenwich Walk Tour




Hither Green west residents call for LTN after traffic rise




 Lewisham Council's plans to execute a six-month trial had been discussed pre-lockdown, where roads would be blocked off to through-traffic as a section of the Lewisham and Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhood plan.

The LTN, which was put through at the end of June, aims to reduce rat-running, improve air quality, and encourage greener modes of transport, and is now managed by emergency measures brought in in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. It calls for 13 modal filters, barriers which are either physically or camera enforced, which close off roads to motor vehicles. 

The plan has been divisive – many people back improving air quality and making streets safer, but people from Hither Green, who was concerned traffic would be moved into their streets, are now reporting gridlocked roads for hours during the day. Springbank Road has also been badly afflicted, along with Torrindon Road. A group of local residents in the Hither Green west has petitioned Lewisham’s cabinet member for environment and transport, Sophie McGeevor, to “prioritise and implement a LTN” on the west side of Hither Green/Catford North “as soon as possible”.















Greenwich Park car parking to return – but through traffic stays banned

Greenwich park

Greenwich Park will reopen to cars next week when its parking spaces are reopened – but through traffic will still be banned.

The park gates were closed to all vehicles at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis and have stayed closed as businesses begin to open up again. 

Royal Parks confirmed  that parking will return on weekdays only from Tuesday 14 July, from 7am to 4pm. The only access will be via the Blackheath gates.

However, Royal Parks has also announced today that the ban on through traffic will remain in place as part of a six-month trial across its London parks.

Vehicles had been able to use the park as a cut-through during the evening rush hour, but Royal Parks signalled last year that it was considering ending this when it began consulting on a new “movement strategy”.




Stamp Duty Holiday. Save £thousands.

Media Post


There is a small window to benefit from this, stamp duty set to 0% for the first £500,000.  If you were thinking about moving, then you really need to get your skates on:  Deadline: 31st March.

The Chancellor has taken the axe to one of the nation's most hated taxes as he slashed stamp duty to zero for almost 90 per cent of homebuyers.

Rishi Sunak raised the threshold at which stamp duty kicks in to £500,000 today, to help people move home, save them up to £15,000 in tax, and boost the economy in the coronavirus recovery.

In a stamp duty holiday for England and Northern Ireland that will last until 31 March 2021, buyers will now pay no tax whatsoever up to £500,000, with the Treasury confirming, that more expensive purchases will only see normal rates applied above that level.

Buy-to-let investors and those buying second homes will still face a surcharge at all levels including the standard zero per cent band, meaning their bills will start at 3 per cent up to £500,000.


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Property Marketing, property portals and the change which has already happened.

Yellow Clocks Leave the Office Early Day Social Media Graphic


A gentle nudge.


For my career, Estate Agency has been a people business. Your agent, knew people selling and people buying.  The best agents, were in touch with movers and potential movers and matched people, gently nudging the right people into the right homes.

The last 20 years


During the digital period in the last 20 years we have seen the rise of the property portals and we are now also starting to see their fall.  Zoopla, Rightmove, OnTheMarket and Primelocation became a source of constant new leads for estate agents, things become easier for many in the industry. As a result agents became lazy.  Agents neglected their client bank and started to rely on Portals for daily leads,  many agents have lost the ability to network and generate and find their own leads and contacts.

Recently Rightmove published data which shows that the average number of leads they deliver per advertiser has fallen each year since 2015.  Rightmove is the oldest, property portal,  and was the most well-known, however it has not modernised, it has not adapted, it's concentrated on returning profit to shareholders and forgot to add value.  In the past few years OnTheMarket and Zoopla have been nipping at their heels and innovating.  OnTheMarket for instance, refuses to cross-sell, which makes a cleaner and nicer to look at site and they publish property onto facebook marketplace. Whereas Zoopla, diversified into other property related industries and have become a great source of property data and information.  For example,  for many years potential vendors have used Zoopla to look up an online valuation of their home. This year, our firm has received a lower and lower amount of leads from the Portals and rightmove in particular. We have also noted that the quality of lead is getting poorer.  We telephone leads and some customers do not even know this part of London, they ticked a 'general' box, for all of London, the lead is a waste of time.

Face to face is best


It's a fact that our best customers have always been the ones who have walked through the office door. They know the area and they are serious enough to come in for a chat. The same is true for enquiries from our own website.  People have taken the trouble to find us and enquire, they are the best potential customers of our day. Our website is 'known'. We have been pumping out, since #1999, we are known and trusted as local property professionals.



During the lockdown, estate agency owners had the opportunity to look at their business models.  What works and what does not work.  Surprise-surprise, it still comes down to us, the people. This is a people business and agents have realised that we need to get back to some core skills. The portals have not been delivering for agents and something has to change. Since lockdown over 600+ (increasing) agent firms have left Rightmove with hundreds more service notice.  Rightmove's share price is falling and its dominance and influence lost. Many agents have joined OnTheMarket, Zoopla and Primelocation.  My own firm, looked at the amount which was invested in Rightmove and realised that the same amount invested in digital marketing, will find better quality customers. So we added Zoopla and OnTheMarket and said goodbye to Rightmove and hello to the digital era.

Digital & Social Media


Pound for Pound, digital marketing is far more effective,  it is the future vs the past.   In the same way as the portals killed off newspaper advertising for estate agents, now social media is killing off the portals. 

 Property portals are now the past.  Today agents need to be positive and proactive, they need a mix of outlets, including their High Street offices.  Yes, be on the growing portals, but where the power is at the moment is in digital and social media marketing. How many of you google something, then find that product chases you through your social media feeds. Yes, it's annoying but it works.  All big companies are doing this and so are we.  Forward thinking estate agents have realised that social media delivers better quality, more involved and genuine leads which improves communication.

The past the future


A gap is appearing with property marketing in Estate Agency.  It is coming down to these two things.

  1. 1.The Past, and
  2. 2.The Future.

You will find agents, who love the portals.  This is because it is all that they have known, they have never worked without them, literally the portals do all their work for them and they would feel 'lost' without them.   Long-in-the-tooth agents like me, have been around before the property portals came into existence and recognise change when it comes. Think about it, if it only takes an advert on zoopla or rightmove to sell your house then you may as well just save money and go to purplebricks, that’s all they do and theoretically you will save money.  Smaller, owner operated firms, look at what is generating business, what is working and adapt.  This type of estate agency is now the past.

The future.


Then there is us and many independent agents up and down the country who have realised the future and are embracing it. The new era is upon us and so are our new marketing methods, but we will only use these new tools to compliment what is core to our business and that is getting to know people and matching the right person for the right property. The only difference now is that we have 23 years of local knowledge, data and expertise.  We are now in the age of social media and you will find Mark Beaumont estate agents at the very front.

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As ever, I would love to hear from you with your thoughts.  If you want to know anything property related #AskBeaumont.  Have a great post Covid-19.




Successfully timing a purchase and a sale

 Open House  3

In an ideal world, you’d sell your home the minute you put it on the market and then have all the time you need to find your next dream home while your buyers wait patiently until you’re ready to move. 

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world and in most cases, you’ll find yourself in a chain. While not uncommon, property chains can cause significant headaches, so if you’re planning to buy and sell at the same time, make sure you’re prepared.

  • Get your property valued

Before you start making plans to buy your new home, you need to get a clear idea of how much your current home is worth. Find a fantastic, knowledgeable local estate agent and get them round to do a home valuation.

  • Work out your finances

Start by getting your head around your finances; how much can you afford to spend on your next house? How much equity do you have in your current home?

Then there is the chain to consider. When you exchange contracts on the property you want to buy, you’ll need to pay a deposit. Ideally, you should exchange on the same day as your buyer exchanges, and therefore be able to use the deposit they pay you to pay your deposit on the property you’re buying. 

However, if your new house is more expensive than your current house it’s likely that the deposit required will be more than the deposit you receive, so you’ll need to find the extra cash. It’s worth checking to see if you’re financially able to do this before you start the process.

You should also bear in mind additional costs such as stamp duty. You should be able to absorb this into your mortgage borrowing – but it’s a substantial cost so it’s always good to be aware of it.

  • Speak to a mortgage broker

If this is bamboozling you already, then a mortgage broker can help guide you to finding the right solution. That may involve re-mortgaging or porting your mortgage. The latter involves transferring your existing mortgage to your new property. Either way, they’ll be able to advise you on the best option for you. 

  • Instruct your estate agent

When you have worked out your finances and are ready to start the process of buying a new home, you will want to instruct your estate agent and get your current property on the market.

  • Be prepared to wait

Buying a property should generally take around 6-12 weeks from having an offer accepted to completion – although things can and often do go wrong, leading to delays. When you’re buying as part of a chain, however, things can take much longer. According to Zoopla, the average sale time in a chain is six months so be realistic with your expectations for when you’ll complete.

  • Maximise your negotiating power

While you’re perfectly entitled to put in an offer on a property when your own house is still up for sale, your offer will be taken more seriously if your own property is under offer. Indeed, depending on the market your offer may not be accepted at all. You’ll also be in a better position to negotiate a good price if your property is already under offer.

  • Find a property and do your sums

Once you’ve found a property you like and have had a property survey, work out the sums. Consider what work, if any, you’d need to do on the property and the associated costs and consult your broker again. Perhaps the survey has flagged up issues or perhaps you want to rip out the avocado bathroom suite (remember those?) as soon as you move in. Once you’ve done the math, if you’re happy it works out, make an offer.

  • Get a good conveyancing solicitor

This critical part of the buying and selling process can be long and drawn out. Your conveyancing solicitor will need to conduct numerous property searches before any contracts can be exchanged. Unfortunately, this process can take even longer if you have a solicitor who is less than proactive.

Shop around for your conveyancing solicitor, get quotes from and speak to a few and read reviews before instructing them. The process should move smoothly but if you aren’t happy with the level of communication or speed of the process, get in touch and consider asking for a new case handler if things don’t improve. 

Make sure you read, sign and return any paperwork sent to you quickly and either hand deliver or use a special delivery service to ensure they’re received on time. Increasingly, conveyancers scan documents and share them on an online system you can log into. Make the most of this but don’t hesitate to speak to your solicitor on areas where you want clarification.

  • Get your estate agent involved

If you don’t have the time to get involved with nudging everyone along, then here’s where your estate agent can help. They will want to get you swiftly from accepting an offer to exchange of contracts. According to the Property Ombudsman Code of Practise for estate agents, their obligations to you at this time include monitoring progress, assisting you where they can and reporting information deemed helpful to bringing the transaction to fruition. In most cases, this role will be carried out well but if you don’t hear anything from your agent, then discuss the level of their involvement with them.

  • Set a completion date

Once everything is tied up, surveys and local searches are returned and any issues ironed out, you’re ready to set a completion date and contracts can be exchanged. This is the date on which the funds will be transferred and the keys will be given to the new buyer. It’s important that all parties co-ordinate a completion date that works for everyone. This will take some correspondence – via your solicitor and those of the other members of the chain – and you’ll need to be prepared to compromise.

There you have it – your date is set, and you are ready to move out of the old, and into the new. If you need any more advice on buying and selling a property or want to take the first step of getting your home valued, get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to get things moving for you or offer expert advice.

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50 Best Movies On Netflix That You Need To watch

If you spend your time flicking through the selection for a good hour before finally settling on a good movie with your partner, housemate or family, then this is definitely for you. From Oscar-winning dramas to horrors, and comedies there's something for everyone.

1. Inception

watch trailer here;

 2. Dreamgirls

watch trailer here:;

 3. She's Gotta Have It

watch trailer here:;

 4. Being John Malkovich

watch trailer here:;

 5. Marriage Story

watch trailer here:

6. Clueless

watch trailer here:;

7. Erin Brockovich

watch trailer here:;

 8. The Revenant

watch trailer here:


watch trailer here:

10. Reservoir Dogs

watch trailer here:

11. Superbad

watch trailer here:

12. Shutter Island

watch trailer here:

13. Tonya

watch trailer here:

 14. Dallas Buyers Club

watch trailer here:

 15. A Quiet Place

 watch trailer here:

16. A Private War

watch trailer here:

 17. Spotlight

watch trailer here:

 18. The Big Short

watch trailer here:

19. Long Shot

watch trailer here:

 20. You've Got Mail

watch trailer here:

21. Ray

watch trailer here:

 22. The Breakfast Club

watch trailer here:

 23. The King's Speech

watch trailer here:

24. 12 Years A Slave

watch trailer here:

25. Girl, Interrupted

watch trailer here:

 26. Birdbox

watch trailer here:

 27. Straight Outta Compton

watch trailer here:

28. The Theory Of Everything

watch trailer here:

29. Legally Blonde

watch trailer here:

 30. Ex Machina

watch trailer here:

 31. Lady Bird

watch trailer here:

32. The Post

watch trailer here:

33. Mudbound

watch trailer here:

34. Uncut Gems

watch trailer here:

35. Dunkirk

watch trailer here:

36. Eat Pray Love

watch trailer here:

37. The Pianist

watch trailer here:

38. Friday Night Lights

watch trailer here:

39. Funny Girl

watch trailer here:

 40. Wild

watch trailer here:

 41. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

watch trailer here:

42. Someone Great

watch trailer here:

43. Blades of Glory

watch trailer here:

44. The Two Popes

watch trailer here:

45. 21 Jump Street

watch trailer here:

 46. Trainwreck

watch trailer here:

 47. Ghost

watch trailer here:

48. Birdman

watch trailer here:

49.Knocked Up

watch trailer here:

50. Sex And the City - The Movie

watch trailer here: 




Ministry withdraws guidance on new electrical safety regulations after ‘confusion’ in text

Ministry withdraws guidance on new electrical safety regulations after ‘confusion’ in text

MHCLG says it has withdrawn the online guidance and reverted back to the original version while it sorts out 'inconsistencies' and publishes a new version soon.


An update to guidance on the recently-introduced Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 has been pulled by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

Its update, published late yesterday, included confusing references to different dates when letting agents and landlords had to comply with the new regulations.

And not only does it significantly change the original guidance, there is now inconsistency within the different versions of the guidance.

For example, in its first incarnation, the guidance said that although the legislation went live on June 1st, agents and landlords had until July 1st to comply with the regulations, which require properties to conform with national standards on electrical safety.

But the guidance made different references to different dates, worrying some landlords and agents that they were not compliant.

The new Regulations require landlords to have the electrical installations in their properties inspected and tested by a person who is qualified and competent, at least every five years.

The Ministry of Housing has clarified that the update published yesterday had immediate caused problems and that officials are to roll back the new guidance and re-publish the original version until a new one is ready.

Article courtesy of thenegotiator


We are excited to announce the launch of our new Home search service.


home search

The fastest way to pay off your mortgage




Being mortgage free faster is something many of us only dream of, but it may be easier to do than you think and can save you thousands of pounds. Take a look at our tips to see if you could pay off your mortgage faster…


Overpay your mortgage each month

Paying as little as an extra £50 a month on top of your normal mortgage repayment can make all the difference to how much interest you pay and how quickly you’re rid of your mortgage.


For example, if you owe £130,000 and have 20 years left on a 2.5% repayment mortgage, by paying an extra £50 a month, you’ll pay off your mortgage 1 year and 8 months earlier, saving £3,235 in interest. If you overpay by £100 a month, it would be reduced by 3 years and 1 month and you’d save £5,920 in interest.


Before changing anything, check that there aren’t any penalties for overpaying. Most mortgages now allow some level of overpayment – typically up to 10% of the total mortgage balance each year on fixed rate deals (variable rates, where your mortgage rate can go up or down, often don’t have penalties). Be careful not to go over any limits, as the penalties can run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds.


If you can’t afford to pay any extra, check to see if you could switch to a better mortgage rate. Then, instead of paying the new lower mortgage repayment, simply continue to repay what you were paying before and you’ll pay off your mortgage faster.


Make a one-off lump sum payment

If you come into some money, you could use it to pay off a chunk of your mortgage.


For example, if you owe £130,000 and have 20 years left on a 2.5% repayment mortgage, by making a one-off overpayment of £5,000, it would save you £3,132 in interest and mean you pay off your mortgage in full 11 months earlier. If the overpayment were £10,000, it would save you £6,068 in interest and mean you’d be mortgage free 1 year and 11 months earlier.


Again, make sure you won’t incur a penalty before doing anything.


Shorten the length of your mortgage

You can simply ask your lender to reduce the term of your mortgage – say from 15 years to 10 years.  This will increase your monthly repayments, but you’ll pay less interest overall. Think carefully before doing this – it’s a much less flexible option than overpaying, which you can switch on and off as it suits you. But if you prefer the discipline of higher repayments this could work for you.


There are various mortgage calculators online, such as the one on the Money Supermarket website, which can show you how much quicker you can pay off your mortgage if you make regular or one-off repayments, as well as how your repayments are affected if you increase or reduce the term of your mortgage.


Think things through                           

As with all financial decisions, it’s important not to make the decision to pay off your mortgage early in isolation – there are a number of things to think about first. For example, if you have debt elsewhere, or can get a higher return on a savings account, it may be best to invest your spare cash there.